Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oh hi.

I have been working hard the past two weeks on some exciting things that I am dying to share but won't just yet. I can tell you that I have been taking pictures...lots and lots of pictures. I have been learning....Slowly....but it's real photography and not iPhone snaps!

I swear every ounce of intuition and interest in photography that existed in my parents went to my brother. He is an amazing photog. Here are the sad, small things I  have learned recently:

Lighting is important and frustrating. Underline and bold.
Something something light sensor something.  I don't know what I did to it but it worked.  If I am honest, I am not 100% light sensor is even the thing I am thinking of...I said I was learning slowly!
Modeling is not that enjoyable for me......ahh.
Reflective surfaces are pretty but DIFFICULT to photograph. I will only be using matte beads from now on.…kidding…mostly.

The good news is that once I fought back the tears that came after I calmed my rage ...something clicked and I figured it out and I learned something and I'm now feeling hopeful.   Let's hope I retain it.....any of it...

While I get my stuff together so I can tell you what's actually going on around are a few pictures.

Friday, September 12, 2014

GA Moments: Brain surgery

I would like to meet the person behind this sign.  Why?  Because someone in that Neurological Institute cared.  That sign isn't just information.....there is some design in there.  

Why does a Neurological Institute need a beautiful, eye catching sign?  Was the Dr. a creative type in his/her spare time?  Is it to make me want brain surgery?  Am I thinking too much about it?  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'm not on drugs. I'm just in love.

I had to slow my roll on re-reading the books because...inspiration struck.  Big time.  I have been making jewelry.  I wish there were more free hours in the day so I could sew and make jewelry..and do all the house projects I want to do...alas....

Jewelry is harder to photograph for this novice photographer so I have to wait for some help....probably this weekend.  I can provide a sneak peek on what has been happening and let you know what music is keeping me going.

I used to think I could do anything while the TV is on.  Something happened.  Kids happened.  It's just such a luxury to be able to focus on only one thing.  If the TV is on at night, I am a vegetable.

Instead of trying to problem solve why I wasn't doing anything creative for a long time I just forced myself to power through while watching TV but there was nothing but disappointment.  It was taking me forever to get things done.  The quality was poor.  I had to correct a lot of mistakes...I HATE SEAM RIPPING! 

I struck gold a few months ago when I heard The 1975 on the radio and wanted to hear the rest of their album.  I played that thing on repeat for....well...I still play it on repeat.  Suddenly I was pumping out quality projects and my head had the mental silence it needed to come up with new ideas.  It was amazing.  It is amazing.

This week I have been listening to:

Banks - her album just came out and....I can't stop listening to it.  My favorite song is Change.
Tove Lo - especially Not On Drugs
The 1975 -  fav songs are The City and Robbers

Do you watch TV, listen to music, or prefer silence when you work/make?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

What else?

I have gotten some questions about other clothes I have made Whit and B so I thought I would do a round up.  These pictures are not modeling sessions.  (Ha!) Some are the kids doing life and some of them are posed to send to my Mom. Either way here are the things I made while on hiatus.

B wanted a valentine shirt last minute.  Very last minute.  I used one of B's white t-shirts and made red sleeves out of one of my red shirts.  I can't find the pattern at the moment to tell you where it is from.  

Kid Shorts pattern by Dana Made for Whit (obviously).   

Kid Shorts Pattern by Dana Made again...short and long versions...during a very exciting World Cup match this summer.

The Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House.  Whit loves this dress (Purple Stripes....).  I got lazy and didn't measure her before I made it so I went for a 3T and it ends up she is a 2T in this pattern.  It bugs me that it's so big.  I could wait until she grows into it but I think the dress needs a little somethin somethin anyway and will probably be taking it apart in the near future.

Best Harem Pants by Too Sweets.  These were made at the beginning of SYTYCD and Whit was Krumping a lot.  She needed something to Krump in so I whipped these up..literally.  It was a fast and easy pattern and DANG does she look tough.

Racerback Flare Dress by Cali Faye Collection.  I don't see this pattern on her site right now but everything she designs is amazing.  I want to shake her hand but she lives in Singapore.  Beautiful designs.

Another shot of the dress.  This was right after I made it and I hemmed it terribly.  My good friend Kendra loaned me her rolled hem foot and it went from too short dress/awkwardly long shirt to just dress.  Thanks Kendra!

Tuileries Dress by Sewing in No Mans Land.    I learned a lot making this dress.  I love this dress.  LOVE.  I am searching for some fabric to make another.  It fits well...the design is is fully lined...AND there are pockets.  I mean....  My only issue was the tutorial assumed you were sewing at a higher level.  I had moments of frustration but I did my research and got 'er done but...don't attempt if you are a beginner.

The Anywhere Dress by Go To Patterns.  I love this picture.  Like a moody french model...or something.  Anyway.  This dress is fantastic.  There are three options for sleeve length and it has a cute bateau neck.  This is the 3/4 length sleeve.  Perfect for winter/spring in South GA!  Obviously Whit played hard at school in this dress before I took this pic.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I was on such a roll with sewing.  I mean...such a roll...and then...I found a book which led to an author which led to a distraction.  Such a distraction.  I'm a sucker for anything Dutch.  Anything.  I spent one week there when I was a senior in high school and I found my home.  My soul felt at home.  I needed to get back there.  I needed to get back home.  I have never felt so connected to a place.  One week and it was my home.  It was luck or God or...God but I got back there.  I was set to play softball for a team in Belgium that summer (I figured...Belgium is close enough to Holland) but at the last minute I got a call from a Dutch team and I ended up playing softball for that Dutch team for four months.  I got on a plane one week before my high school graduation....alone...and had an adventure.  I wish I hadn't been quite so scared but I did it.  I lived there for four months with two different of which didn't speak any English...the other is/was a second family.  I met some lifelong friends...hi Marieke, Joost, Michael, and Ida!  I loved every person on my team and every person that was a part of my time there.  Joost and Kristel came to my wedding in Massachusetts!  Good. friends.  I miss them every day.

So.  Gayle Forman.  I found her b/c If I Stay was coming out in theaters (a week ago).  I read the book and it was...ok.  I learned that there was a second book and read it....holy crap.  Where She Went.  It HOOKED me.  I reread Where She Went immediately.  I could have read it again but I decided to try another book by Gayle Forman.  Well, if it wasn't written to hook me..I don't know what was.  I read Just One Day.  It is about an eighteen year old girl (!!) who goes on a trip to Europe (!!) and meets a Dutch guy (...!) and....well, you'll have to read it to find out.  She had me at the first mention of anything Dutch but I really loved this book and the follow up and the short and very satisfying third e-book.

So..have I been wanting to make many things on my list? Yes.  Have I been making anything?  No.  I am currently rereading Just One Day and will be rereading the two books after it as soon as I finish it.  I will be working on some stuff but I am so distracted...and homesick. Sigh.  So I will be rereading, making, and planning a trip to Europe.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day Dress - A-line version

Oh Oh Oh.  This pattern by MADE is so much fun to make.  There are so many options.  Swing Top, Swing Dress. A-line Top, A-line Dress.  On top of that...each of them is a blank canvas.  I sketched probably 10 versions of the A-line I could make.  10!

Here is one of them.  This one has been in my head since I first saw the pattern.


I don't have a lot of words.  It was so easy to sew.  It is fully lined.  It fits well.  I will be using the pattern for years to come!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Glass Onion Top Pt 2: Pleats and longer sleeves.

As soon as I finished this version of the Glass Onion Top by Shwin Designs I could not stop thinking about the pleated version.  All I could see in my head for days was the pleated version in a lavender linen.  Sadly, I couldn't find the color of linen I wanted at Joanns.  When I got home I decided to use a fabric I already had.   I HAD to make this shirt.

My main concern with using this cotton fabric was that it wouldn't hang the way I wanted the shirt to hang.  But when I finished it and  put it on the hanger I was surprised at how much I liked the look. The pleats looked great and the it hung well over all.

When she put it on, though.......I loved it!  It looks gorgeous on her.  The design surpassed my expectations.  The pleats and shape of the back make it so unique and beautiful.  Shwin Designs knows what's up.

I can't get enough of the back!
By the way...I am in awe of patterns with pleats on a curve.  I am sure there is an app for that or some business but I wouldn't know where to start if I had to make them up on my own.  They blow my mind. 

There are three sleeve options.  The earlier version I made was a cap sleeve.  This is the mid length sleeve.  The third option is a long sleeve.  I can't even comprehend the need for a long sleeved anything after the week of heat we had recently.  I was hesitant, even, to make the mid length sleeve!   

One more time

It's a good thing the back of this shirt is my favorite part...Whit and the camera were not getting along.  Most of the pictures were half closed eyes or her mouth was hanging open.

See you later!

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