Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wooed by Wood

Wooed by Wood - They are just so cool.

Silver Patina

Two Tone

Redwood X Oak

Francis Raw
Reclaimed Zebrawood

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rigby Polo

Truth...I made this for B in the...SPRING!...but I really don't enjoy sewing buttons so it sat unfinished.  Unfinished through the spring...unfinished through most of the summer.  Oh how pathetic I felt after it only took 15 minutes to sew the stupid buttons on.   I avoided a 15 minute job for for 4 months.....shameful. 

The pattern is by Shwin Designs again...the Rigby Polo.  I made it out of linen....which wrinkled as soon as I put it on him, of course.  What was I thinking?! looked great on the hanger and the first 2 seconds he had it on.  Is there a tutorial for photoshopping wrinkles?  I'm joking but also I'm sure that's a thing.

You don't want to know what bodily function I had to shout to get the above picture.  

When I cut this shirt...months ago...I didn't know as much as I know now and I didn't have the confidence to cut one size width and a different size for length.  Now I do and I will make a smaller width next time.  I really, really love this shirt but I it will look better when it's know..too big.  You can see what I mean if you look at the placement of the pocket.  When the shirt is laid out the pocket placement is correct.  But the way the shirt falls on B makes the pocket look offset to the right.

The collar of this shirt is my favorite part.  Shwin Designs patterns always have such nice details.  I learn something new with each Shwin pattern is make.

This picture is for the grandparents.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Glass Onion Top

If I do something creative at night it takes me FOREVER to come down from the creative high. Does that happen to anyone else?  Anyone?  Well, after two nights of sewing I planned to take a break and get a good nights sleep.  Whitney had different plans, however.

"I've got a plan."
She picked up some pattern pieces, got some fabric from my work room and laid it ALL out on the floor.  Unfolded....perfectly laid out.  She picked the fabric she liked best and then laid out the pattern pieces on top.  She told me she was going to make it herself but after looking at it for a few seconds she changed her tune and asked if she could help me.  I said no because it was bedtime so she changed her tune again and told me I was making her a shirt to be done in the morning.  I can I not?  My kid is excited for me to make her something.  That is probably the biggest compliment I can hope for.  It honestly makes me feel better than any other form of flattery I have ever experienced.  So..I sewed another night.

I wasn't sure about the fabric and tried to change her mind but she was adamant.  I love me a girl who knows what she wants.

I used the Glass Onion Top pattern by Shwin Designs.  I saw it for the first time Thursday and bought it immediately.  My heart was pounding.  There is variation with pleats in the back that I NEED to make.  I was dying to try this pattern, though, and the fabric Whit chose was only a half yard which was barely enough for the non pleated version.  Woot woot High School Geometry.  It was a puzzle but I got every piece cut out of the half yard I had...the instructions call for a yard of fabric!


The thing I love most about this pattern is the shape of the back of the neck.  It adds interest.  There are a few patterns out there similar to this but that low back with an option for pleating makes it special.

The back is open with overlapping panels and a low-ish back.

I finished the shirt and it was cute.  I wasn't in love but if Whit likes it then so be it.

She put that thing on when she woke up in the morning and refused to take it off all day.  Good news is that once she put it on I freaking loved it.  It works great on her in that fabric.

"Trust me, Mom.  I know what I am doing....about everything...ever" -Whit's face
It feels like it wasn't long ago that I had to bribe her to try anything on and she automatically hated everything I made.  Now she loves it.  (Please let this last!)

Best part of it all?  I was at Joanns with B, Whit, and my Gma.  My Gma Gigie kindly took Whit and B on a tour of the store while I shopped for fabric.  She told B and Whit she would buy them each a treat and do you know what Whit went to right away?  The SEWING MACHINES.  Be still my heart.  This girl and I are going to get along just fine.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lacoste Redux pt 2

I did not have another navy or orange shirt to use for B but I did have a black and gray.

I finally made the Anywhere At All tee by Schwin and Schwin.  I have had this pattern for a ridiculously long time.  It was fast and easy even with the changes I made.

I offered Brady one of the variations in the pattern and my variation.  While I was explaining it Brady kindly said, "Can you please stop talking to me about this?"  I sweet talked him and got to finish my pitch and the pic you see is what he chose.

Ahh.  Should have ironed the the hem so you could see it isn't wobbley.  Ah well. He wanted to try it on asap.

"Show me how this shirt makes you feel?":


I cut the arm band from the original shirt and sewed it to Brady's when the sleeve looked like it would be too short if I hemmed it. I made the collar out of the shirt fabric so it looked like a t-shirt and not like a polo missing a collar. This kid measured a 2T width and 5T length. AH.  I made a 3T width just b/c 2T felt crazy small.  It's a skinny shirt but....he is like it Dad and that is how he likes it.

It doesn't get much better than your kid loving what you make.  I have had good luck this week.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I - I - I - I - Bugatti.


I'm not sure I need to write any words.  This car is incredibly beautiful.  Unbelievable.  Until I saw this bugatti recently I have only ever drooled over one other car:


I have been "jokingly" asking for this car since..mmm...Middle School.  I figure if I keep asking, then one day someone might just up and give me one...right?  Well, I was informed recently that to have the OIL CHANGED in a Porsche Carrera is $3000.  They have to remove the engine or something to change the oil and it requires equipment special to the car.  Don't quote me..but that is the gist.  Holy Crap.  Maybe I will start asking for a Carrera and a Trust Fund.

It's a beautiful car.  That Bugatti though....might be edging the Carrera out of the top spot.  Just look at it.  How badass would you feel driving the Bugatti?  Oh god.  It's so good.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wah Hoo Wah

What have I been up to lately, you ask? (And by lately I mean the last year that I haven't been blogging?)  I have been sewing mostly.  Sewing tiny clothes for my kids.  Most of the sewing I have done closely follows the patterns which has been a great way to learn and get better.  But I am a little bored with it.  In order to up my game I have set some goals for myself.

First, I want to make clothes with style.  I have been pinning pinning pinning (!) kids clothes that catch my eye.  I plan to copy some and design original things based on styles I like.

Second, I will alter patterns I already have to make the styles I like.

Third, slow down and get all the materials I need/want before sewing.  What happens to me is I get an idea and it takes over.  It is all I can think about...all I can see.  I have no inspiration for anything else until I make what I see in my head.  Sometimes...usually...if I am being totally honest I can't wait to get everything I need and I power through with what I have.  I have a crazy collection of stuff that I have collected in order to combat this problem....have-everything-I-could-ever-possibly-need-so-I-don't-have-to-go-shopping-for-it-when-I-actually-need-it-at-some-point-in-the-future.

Here is an examples of this problem in action:

I had this idea IN MY HEAD for days.  I really wanted black bias tape. I couldn't wait.  I had pink.  I made it with pink.  It's not bad.  Whit loves it.  But it would have been much better with black.  It looks cutesy.  Blah.  It's a win if your kid wears it...right?  I win...I guess.

FOURTH, use what I have creatively.  Get creative, self!  I have so many supplies that I need to use what I have or I am going to have to get a bigger house.  Oy.

Ok.  So.  I have a bunch of clothes from friends and family members that they donated as fabric.  It's taking up so much space.  My brother worked a Lacoste and has about 30,000 polo shirts that he abandoned at our parents' house.  Now I have a few:

and I decided to cut them up:

I used the same pattern as the raindrop shirt...the First Day Dress.  The raindrop fabric is quilting cotton. Lacoste polos are not.  They have stretch.  Blah blah.  I can't even begin to explain how I altered the pattern to account for the difference in fabric.  I did what felt right.

As I was making it all I could think was Auburn Cheerleading Uniform.  That's a problem b/c we are Gators.  I can't have Whit mistaken as an Auburn know what I am saying?  I was thinking I should iron on "Wah Hoo Wah!".  The only Navy and Orange we wear in this house is UVA.  I digress.  I didn't end up looking like a cheerleading uniform but it did look plain.  Good news...Whitney loved it. I tried to add a little embellishment on the shoulder and took a family vote.  B and Sean were for the shoulder addition.  Whit was not and said, "Isn't this shirt for me and not B?"  Hello sassy and well-spoken three year old and are shoulder embellishment added.  Don't stop reading b/c an embellishment was added after sassy, well-spoken three year old went to bed. I just have to include these pics of the sassy, well-spoken three year old:

First note: Doing what felt right led to a shirt that fits and is ok.  I would change it a little now that I see the finished product but...woohoo for having learned something in the last year so that I trust myself enough to take a chance and CUT THE FABRIC.  I have a lot of fabric b/c I get scared of cutting the fabric and wasting it.

This (above) is her go-to face.  Anyway.  The shirt is ok but it is boring.  I want to make more interesting clothes.  Leaving it as is would be a waste of a challenge. 

(Also...I struggled to find some bottoms to go with it.  Will have to remedy this problem.)

Ok.  Child with many opinions goes to sleep and I brainstorm and come up with this:

This orange isn't so offensive in real life.  I used my iphone and....well....sorry.

I made this..placket?...thing.  I stretched a strip of fabric as I zig zag stitched the sides to create a ruffle.  It wasn't ruffle-y enough so I gathered it.  Then I sewed the center piece on and then the buttons.  It turned out better than I anticipated.  Woot.

Now let's hope that Whit still likes it in the morning!  (Fingers crossed)

B has requested a boy shirt in these colors.  If anyone has Navy or Orange polos to donate let me know b/c I used almost every inch of both shirts I had. :)
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