Thursday, January 20, 2011


We found out the sex of our baby today!  I couldn't concentrate before the appointment to write anything and now I am so excited I can't concentrate to write anything.  We are having a GIRL!  Ah.  I am so excited for a baby girl but I am also getting petrifying flashes of a 13+ year old girl.

On the home design front I can report that I found my first road side furniture piece and had the guts to pick it up.  I never have taken anything off the road for two reasons.  First, I have this fear that someone will come out and yell at me that it's not for free.  Second, I fear why they might be getting rid of it/what went on in the house where it comes from.  I have always envied people who have great things that they paint or stain or reupholster and when I ask where they got it...."For free on the side of the road."  I found a chair outside of a friend's house last night and I thought why not?!  I am excited to paint it in a high gloss paint, lacquer it up and reupholster it with some amazing fabric....maybe leather with hammered nails.  Hmmm.  We'll see.  It will be fun to have a before and after to post!


  1. baby girls are fantastic! congrats!

    and i can't wait to see your roadside find. make sure you take a before pic. ;)

  2. Literally cannot wait to meet her in 5 months (and 7 days...9 if she's like Brady)! I will sit in your newly upholstered leather chair and oo and ah over her perfection!

  3. my question is, will she go to Smith? beyond that burning curiosity, I'm so excited for you! and I love your new creative pursuits. keep it up!

  4. Thanks guys. I am so excited!!!!! I can't come down from my cloud.


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