Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too hip for cartoons

When we moved into our house the walls in Brady's room were bare for far too long and I began to feel guilty. But I couldn't figure out what would be appropriate for a kid/baby but not extremely childish. Whether Brady is actually as cool and mature as I think is questionable, sure. But I know he doesn't look twice at cartoons. He is my first child so excuse me if this is normal for a kid his age. Anyway, his walls... Photography? Too serious. Cartoon-ish animals? No. His name spelled out? Pass. Something inspired by my love for graffiti? YES!

I do like the block letters spelling kids names...I just have a hard time doing something that I see repeatedly in magazines and online. I decided I would just do the letter B a few times and paint them myself. I love graffiti paint drips. I was originally going to use the pre-cut wooden letters from any craft store but I couldn't find a...font?....I liked. Also, I figured I could find a way to do it cheaper than that. I found a simple font that I liked and printed a giant B and a smaller B. I traced them onto foamboard and cut them out. Using different shades of blue spray paint and an ivory I finished my paint-drip Bs.

You will see they hang next to a painting of what appears to be drawn animals! An alligator on a skateboard?! Awesome. Plus, the edgy element of graffiti inspired B's next to it balances it out.

Note: The B in the top right corner of the first picture is a wooden B from a previous project. It is for Brady's door.

Note: I took this pic for my Mom right after I hung them...so they aren't straight yet!

How have you decorated your kid's walls?


  1. Love these! Creative and cute without being "cutesy."

  2. Thanks guys! Laura, cutesy is the word I was looking for and couldn't come up with!


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