Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Small Update

Well, I haven't sewn anything for myself recently....I have some books that I am working my way through so I can understand how to fit a lady body before I waste any fabric...any more fabric, that is.

I did make some amazing dresses for W.  They aren't amazing because of anything I did...the pattern is a-frickin-mazing.  I made the first for Valentine's day.  But I loved it so much that I had to immediately make a second.  The pattern is by veryshannon.

This is W's Valentine's dress:

For those friends in the North still reading....Hi!  I am sorry to hear about all the snow.  It looks beautiful but I know you all must be desperate for warm summer days!  Everything is good here.  Great actually.  I have been busy teaching sewing classes and making stuff.  Also, I started writing for a small local paper here called the Thomasville Townie.  I never ever thought I would write for a newspaper but......  You can check it out at www.yourtownie.com.

For everyone everywhere, I have added some items to my Etsy shop.  Check it out here

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