Monday, February 14, 2011

Made by Me Monday

This New Years I committed to being a committed blogger.  So far so good.  I am loving equally the inspiration I have found in all the blogs I have discovered and the motivation writing has given me to do more creative things.  Riding that inspiration and motivation I have decided to step it up a notch and commit to a weekly installment....I made it Monday....or Made by Me Monday....or something else.  Which do you think?  Made by Em Monday.  Hmm.  This week it is "I made it Monday" and I will commit to a name by next Monday.  My goal is to have a new project to post every Monday...big or small.

This weekend I made my first bolster pillow.  I saw this tutorial on Prudent Baby.  Her tutorial made it so easy and gave me confidence as I went along.  Bet you can't guess what was playing on Pandora while I made this.  Jay Z, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell.  I think that it's reflected in the color choice.....  Ok. So I saw the tutorial and gave myself the same encouraging pep talk that I gave before taking on the pelmet box.  Basically: Cheap.  Do it cheap.  Just in case.  

-The three fabrics were three dishtowels I got on clearance at Target.  $5.  Sweet deal.  I didn't even have to worry about matching colors...which I am working tirelessly on building up my confidence in....because they came as a set.  
-The tutorial called for two bags of Polyfil.  I was highly skeptical. The entire two bags fit in that thing.  I was stunned.  
-It is 23x9 incase you are wondering.  
-I skipped doing the cording because I discovered I don't have a zipper foot.  Must get one.  
-Also, I didn't do the decorative stitching.  I don't have that focus.  

Does anyone know if there are ways to reduce the lumpiness of the polyfil?  I worked on it before I closed it up but I think it could use some more de-lumping.  

I have my eye out for some low cost white pillow shams.  If anyone has suggestions about places to look...let me know!  


  1. i am so looks like you did a fabulous job! i can hardly believe those cute fabrics are dishtowels.

    when i use fiberfill, i try to use real small bunches since they seem to clump less. in my limited experience, pillow forms just tend to work better if the clumping is bothersome. i have even made my own pillowforms from scrap fabric and fiberfill and just that extra layer of fabric helped make then smoother.
    i'll look forward to monday posts! ;)

  2. Emily!!! I love the pillow! You are so inspiring! Can I hire you to help me decorate when I move? Love you! Erin

  3. Thanks Karen! I will try that out next time..the smaller clumps...or the pillow form. I used bigger clumps because I was excited to almost be done. ha.

    Erin, thank you! And of course I will help you! Blues and greens? :)

  4. Did you do this with a sewing machine or by hand?

  5. Sewing machine. I don't have the patience for sewing by hand! ahh. My mom cross stiches and I don't know how she does it!


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