Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love in a box.

Happy (day after) Valentine's Day

Sean and I don't really do Valentine's Day...not more than a card usually.  But with nearly every blog posting Valentine's ideas for weeks I was bound to find inspiration in something.  In some post I glanced at a card that said "Everyday I Choose You".   I didn't think much of it at the time (which is why I can't tell you where I saw it...I wish I could)
 but the quote kept coming back to me.  I really love how it sounds.  So I stepped it up this year and I painted this little box for Sean and baked him some heart shaped, gluten free, chocolate chip cookies.  I also threw a gift card to his favorite lunch spot (Chipotle) in the card.

I thought the expression was pretty perfect.  Sean (jokingly) said something along the lines of, "So every day you doubt having chosen me and have to make sure ?"  My romantic.

1 comment:

  1. I can totally hear Sean responding with that!! I miss you guys so much!


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