Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pelmet Box DIY

We just finished our first pelmet box.  I make.  Sean hangs.  It was my first try at any window anything without my Mom.  The most I have ever done before this, if I am really honest, is say "yeah....I think so." to some fabric my Mom picked out.

I have always wanted to be able to draw....but what I see in my head...never ever comes close to what happens on the paper.  Same with singing.  I hear it in my head but I absolutely cannot reproduce it with my vocal chords.  I don't like discovering that I can't do something.  I was really scared that this would be the same thing...but I had to be brave and find out if I want to be able to decorate my house the 50 weeks out of the year my Mom isn't here.

Here is my pep talk to myself...Self.  Figure out a way to do it cheap...first try.  If it's bad it will hurt less because you didn't waste money.  Also, do it in your room so no one has to look at it...but I am sure it will be great!

Not the most encouraging pep talk...but it helped me get going.

-I found a great tutorial on Little Green Notebook  to make a pelmet box out of foam core which I already own a bunch of.
-My Ikea curtains are white....and I could do the pelmet box in white.....enter old sheet that feels awful to sleep on but I don't throw out...just incase all of our other sets are dirty and we have absolutely no other options.
-Inspired by a...crap I don't remember all the terms for different types of curtains...inspired by something my Mom did for my dorm room in college....I decided on a gathered look.  Super easy and it didn't require any upholstering.  I just cut and sewed a strip of sheet that was 4 times the length of the window and twice as high.  I sewed the bottom and top together to make a long skinny tube.  I slid it onto the box and adjusted it to scrunch evenly.  Isn't the most technical description you have ever read?

Here are some quick photos of what I ended up with.  The window goes almost to the ceiling and the picture made me realize that I need a little bench under the window for balance.  Other than that I am much happier than I thought I would be.  Not perfect but not bad for my first time!

Need something under the window!

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