Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Green Living Room

Ok.  This weekend we...mostly Sean...painted the living room.  Here it is before:

Like I said yesterday a few things pushed me to green.  

1.  Sean went directly to green when he started looking at colors.
2.  Colour Me Happy blog.
3.  This Elle Decor feature.  Specifically, this picture:
I love the shelf and floor color.
 As I thought about it this week I decided I liked the Blue Mosque color because it was a mixture of blue and green.  Green is my favorite color.  It makes me so happy.  I love to have green plants around.  It is relaxing.  It is soothing.  I decided to look for greens with blue in them.  I found 4 possibilities....Thankfully, out of each of our two favorite colors one overlapped.  How disappointing it would have been to have opposite favorites.  After some discussion and looking at the colors in different lights we decided on Sean's pick that was not originally in my top two.  It had a little more green than the one green we agreed on...and in different lights just seemed more livable.

We chose Sherwin Williams Rally Green.

Here it is on our walls.  Looks different, huh?  

 Sean finished the second coat last night while I was asleep.  Good man.  I have enjoyed watching the color change throughout the day.  Right now, I love it.  It is really different and a bit of a shock.  In the morning light I almost felt like I was walking into a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Friendly's mint chocolate chip ice cream...really fake mint color....(The paint isn't mint colored, though!!)  I love ice cream.  Anyway.  Without the morning sunlight hitting it directly it is a little deeper and I am PSYCHED to decorate a room this color.  I am sad to have to live without window treatments while I figure out what to do they really make it feel like home.  I HAD to get RID of that red color!  I couldn't bear it anymore.

I haven't finished moving everything back in yet!


  1. OH I LOVE it! Seafoam green is one of my favorites. Love your blog <3

  2. Have to say--it looks really good! (Just stumbled across your blog; happy reading.)


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