Monday, February 21, 2011

Living in b.....


Here's what happened.  I pushed us to blue because I had a blue green in mind.  I found the exact color I had in mind.  Blue Mosque.  Loved it.  Love it.  Will continue to love it....but not on a wall.  Thankfully, we lived with the blue samples on the wall for a entire week.  An older, not so far gone, me wouldn't have been able to wait and would have made a huge mistake.  The more we had the blues up the more I disliked them.  I even tried making multiple lighter shades of the blue mosque which are nice...maybe nicer...but still not right for our living room.

A few things happened this week to redirect us to green.

1.  Thanks to my friend Karen, I checked out Colour Me Happy and Maria, the author, really made me think about why you choose a color and how to think about color in new, more scientific ways...which makes me much more comfortable than relying on my judgement alone.  Her blog is so informative and easy to read.

2.  I got my Elle Decor and saw the Moroccan house.  Inspiration.

3.  I kept thinking about how Sean went right to greens in the fan deck when I asked him to start thinking about colors for the living room. wonderful husband is prepping the wall as I type.  Can't wait to see how it turns out.  And I can't wait to share the results with you.

This weeks Made It Monday will be postponed until later today (hopefully) or tomorrow due to my being out of commission last week (pregnancy pains kept me in bed) and our travelling over the holiday weekend.

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