Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rug Wars

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Living room painted? Check.  Now most accessories don't match and so I have started brainstorming what to do first.  I talked to Sean about what kind of rug he would want....all the rugs we have are low pile...Kilims and other flat woven rugs.  I love them.  Sean surprised me and said he wants a plush rug with padding underneath that will cover most of the floor.  He wants it to be comfortable to play with Brady and future McKenna on the floor.  I immediately told him "No."  The first image that came to mind was some dated ugly green rug that makes you sneeze.  I don't know why...or when/where I had that experience but....yuck.
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I am trying to really listen to Sean because he always says, "Why does it matter what I think?  You are just going to do what you want anyway."  I feel horrible that he feels that way.  So I felt horrible that I reacted so harshly to his suggestion and tried to think of a way that we can both get what we want somehow.  While thinking about it I got a mental flash of a picture I had come across at some point where the rugs were layered.
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Rug Layering: Yay or nay?

I have done a quick google search and there are a lot of pictures rug layering...and opinions I can read.  But what do you think?  Have you done it in your home?
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The more images I look at the more excited I get.  I think it looks really decadent.  I wonder what the rules will be on the thickness of the rugs you should layer....Most of the images I have seen are seagrass or some natural fiber on the bottom and then a low pile rug on top.  To meet Sean half way I might have to go with something thicker on the bottom....or top...we will see what you have to offer/my research turns up.

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I love how playful it is to have them going in all different directions.

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Check back tomorrow for my first to Seaworld Olrando!

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  1. I got a really plush rug from lowes for my bedroom a few years ago and it is heaven. I understand your reaction b/c when we first moved to KY we had terrible pink and green-puke color shag carpet in the house. I think there is a stylish way to do what Sean wants!


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