Monday, January 5, 2015

This one goes out to all of those beginners that have hit road bumps and think sewing maybe isn't for them or isn't worth the frustration.  

I have been sewing for quite some time now.  I am no pro but, I am no longer a beginner.  Let me tell you there is ALWAYS something to learn!  It doesn't matter how many sewing wins you have it only takes one sewing fail to really bring you down.  Well, I have had TWO sewing fails in two weeks.  

It is my New Year's resolution to learn to sew for me.  That might sound like..whatever...but....I have a butt...and is a scary resolution.  It's a lot of work.  It's not sewing for a 3 year old or 5 year old.  Ok.  Breathe.  I have to buy books to make sure I don't waste a ton of money and fabric only to have clothes that don't fit because....I have done that. Maybe my mistake was trying to sew a shirt...?  But I have sewn two shirts.  One I can't wear and one I wear and am never happy with how it looks.  I am sure the patterns are GREAT but I didn't now I have to make a muslin version first and adjust to fit my body.  I did a LITTLE research and i turns out....even though I already knew and hoped there was a short cut....that you need to make a muslin version to adjust to perfection before you cut into fabric.  RAH!  I made a shirt this summer and the neck was gap-y and it drives me nuts.  Then, last week I went against the fabric recommendation and tried to make a shirt out's too was just BAD.   Yesterday, I decided to try it again in the right fabric.  Well, I discovered that I am a smaller size than I made.  DANGIT.  I tried it on and my husband's reaction was, "That looks huge on you."  So that's a no.  A big no.  RAH!  I think the universe is just telling me not to make this shirt.  Not for me anyway. DANGIT again.  I am so frustrated!  BUT.  It is my only new year's resolution and being that it is only Jan 3, I figure that I can't give up just yet.  Instead of spending more money on fabric to screw up, I am going to do some more research and take my time and learn something new.  Check back.  I will make something worth taking a picture of.  

Whitney, is the lucky girl.  She is easy to sew for.  So she got a jacket AND a dress in the last two weeks.


You can make this dress with me this month!

The is the Anywhere Dress from Go To Patterns.

In action.

I guess I have made one thing for myself successfully.  I keep forgetting bout it because it hasn't been cold enough to wear since I made it.  It is a Cali Faye Design pattern and I can't wait to wear it.

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