Monday, July 25, 2011

Made it Monday: This is a big day.

Jewelry for Joey

This is a big day for two reasons.  First, I finally listed jewelry on my Etsy store.  This has been a long process for many reasons but mostly because I was scared.  The second reason this day is big is because I am selling jewelry to help raise money for my cousin and her family.

Last year Joey (my cousin's husband) won his battle with Leukemia.  He recently relapsed and is currently undergoing some very intense treatment.  Joey is married to Mitzi and has three sons and a daughter.  Times are tough as he is expected to be out of work for most of the next year while he lives hundreds of miles from home, undergoing the most excruciating sounding treatments.  Mitzi splits her time between Gainesville, FL where Joey is being treated and their home in Georgia where she home schools two of the four kids.  Work?  Income?  In the midst of all of this Mitzi has remained unbelievably positive and faithful.

I have been praying for a few things lately.  I have been praying for Mitzi's family.  I have also been praying to find a way to volunteer/give back with two young children in tow (AHHH) and to figure out the best way to use the gifts God has given me.  I know a lot of women who left jobs to be stay-at-home mom's struggle with feeling like there is some purpose they aren't serving while staying at home...I am among them.  I know my job as a mom is important and it is what I am supposed to be doing as well as what I want to be doing but I can't help the feeling that there is something else I could be doing in addition.  I have always enjoyed making jewelry and have been urged to sell it.  For many trivial reasons I have been too scared...and felt silly taking money for my hobby.  The idea to raise money for Mitzi and Joey almost literally slapped me in the face while praying.  I feet such an overwhelming push to do this.  So hard is the push that I absolutely cannot let my fear of putting my jewelry up for sale stand in the way of what it could be used to do.  The reasons to sell are so much greater than the reasons not too that I can't even remember what was holding me back.  I wish words could better explain what happened once I started praying...this is my best attempt.  Now I just continue to pray that I can be used to help them through this.

As of today, one of the two designs for Joey are available on Etsy.  I have created earrings (pictured above) and a pendant (will be available in the next day or so). Go here to check it out: Jewelry for Joey.  100% of all profits of the Jewelry for Joey earrings and pendant will be given to Mitzi and Joey.  I will also be listing other pieces I have created.  50% of all those profits will be going to Mitzi and Joey as well.

If you decide to buy a pair of earrings or pendant, thank you for choosing to love this family.  If you can't help in that way and are willing, please pray for them.   If you want to learn more about them or donate directly you can visit Joey's Caring Bridge site.



  1. I just ordered a pair of these beautiful earrings! It is really awesome that you are using your talent and personal passion to support your family. I still have a pair of beaded necklaces you made me...your work is really special! Keep it up ;)

  2. Thanks, Maegan! I really appreciate your support.

    I remember one of those necklaces vividly b/c I wish I had given it more weight! Ha. Thanks again!


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