Thursday, September 4, 2014

What else?

I have gotten some questions about other clothes I have made Whit and B so I thought I would do a round up.  These pictures are not modeling sessions.  (Ha!) Some are the kids doing life and some of them are posed to send to my Mom. Either way here are the things I made while on hiatus.

B wanted a valentine shirt last minute.  Very last minute.  I used one of B's white t-shirts and made red sleeves out of one of my red shirts.  I can't find the pattern at the moment to tell you where it is from.  

Kid Shorts pattern by Dana Made for Whit (obviously).   

Kid Shorts Pattern by Dana Made again...short and long versions...during a very exciting World Cup match this summer.

The Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House.  Whit loves this dress (Purple Stripes....).  I got lazy and didn't measure her before I made it so I went for a 3T and it ends up she is a 2T in this pattern.  It bugs me that it's so big.  I could wait until she grows into it but I think the dress needs a little somethin somethin anyway and will probably be taking it apart in the near future.

Best Harem Pants by Too Sweets.  These were made at the beginning of SYTYCD and Whit was Krumping a lot.  She needed something to Krump in so I whipped these up..literally.  It was a fast and easy pattern and DANG does she look tough.

Racerback Flare Dress by Cali Faye Collection.  I don't see this pattern on her site right now but everything she designs is amazing.  I want to shake her hand but she lives in Singapore.  Beautiful designs.

Another shot of the dress.  This was right after I made it and I hemmed it terribly.  My good friend Kendra loaned me her rolled hem foot and it went from too short dress/awkwardly long shirt to just dress.  Thanks Kendra!

Tuileries Dress by Sewing in No Mans Land.    I learned a lot making this dress.  I love this dress.  LOVE.  I am searching for some fabric to make another.  It fits well...the design is is fully lined...AND there are pockets.  I mean....  My only issue was the tutorial assumed you were sewing at a higher level.  I had moments of frustration but I did my research and got 'er done but...don't attempt if you are a beginner.

The Anywhere Dress by Go To Patterns.  I love this picture.  Like a moody french model...or something.  Anyway.  This dress is fantastic.  There are three options for sleeve length and it has a cute bateau neck.  This is the 3/4 length sleeve.  Perfect for winter/spring in South GA!  Obviously Whit played hard at school in this dress before I took this pic.  

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