Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'm not on drugs. I'm just in love.

I had to slow my roll on re-reading the books because...inspiration struck.  Big time.  I have been making jewelry.  I wish there were more free hours in the day so I could sew and make jewelry..and do all the house projects I want to do...alas....

Jewelry is harder to photograph for this novice photographer so I have to wait for some help....probably this weekend.  I can provide a sneak peek on what has been happening and let you know what music is keeping me going.

I used to think I could do anything while the TV is on.  Something happened.  Kids happened.  It's just such a luxury to be able to focus on only one thing.  If the TV is on at night, I am a vegetable.

Instead of trying to problem solve why I wasn't doing anything creative for a long time I just forced myself to power through while watching TV but there was nothing but disappointment.  It was taking me forever to get things done.  The quality was poor.  I had to correct a lot of mistakes...I HATE SEAM RIPPING! 

I struck gold a few months ago when I heard The 1975 on the radio and wanted to hear the rest of their album.  I played that thing on repeat for....well...I still play it on repeat.  Suddenly I was pumping out quality projects and my head had the mental silence it needed to come up with new ideas.  It was amazing.  It is amazing.

This week I have been listening to:

Banks - her album just came out and....I can't stop listening to it.  My favorite song is Change.
Tove Lo - especially Not On Drugs
The 1975 -  fav songs are The City and Robbers

Do you watch TV, listen to music, or prefer silence when you work/make?

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