Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I was on such a roll with sewing.  I mean...such a roll...and then...I found a book which led to an author which led to a distraction.  Such a distraction.  I'm a sucker for anything Dutch.  Anything.  I spent one week there when I was a senior in high school and I found my home.  My soul felt at home.  I needed to get back there.  I needed to get back home.  I have never felt so connected to a place.  One week and it was my home.  It was luck or God or...God but I got back there.  I was set to play softball for a team in Belgium that summer (I figured...Belgium is close enough to Holland) but at the last minute I got a call from a Dutch team and I ended up playing softball for that Dutch team for four months.  I got on a plane one week before my high school graduation....alone...and had an adventure.  I wish I hadn't been quite so scared but I did it.  I lived there for four months with two different of which didn't speak any English...the other is/was a second family.  I met some lifelong friends...hi Marieke, Joost, Michael, and Ida!  I loved every person on my team and every person that was a part of my time there.  Joost and Kristel came to my wedding in Massachusetts!  Good. friends.  I miss them every day.

So.  Gayle Forman.  I found her b/c If I Stay was coming out in theaters (a week ago).  I read the book and it was...ok.  I learned that there was a second book and read it....holy crap.  Where She Went.  It HOOKED me.  I reread Where She Went immediately.  I could have read it again but I decided to try another book by Gayle Forman.  Well, if it wasn't written to hook me..I don't know what was.  I read Just One Day.  It is about an eighteen year old girl (!!) who goes on a trip to Europe (!!) and meets a Dutch guy (...!) and....well, you'll have to read it to find out.  She had me at the first mention of anything Dutch but I really loved this book and the follow up and the short and very satisfying third e-book.

So..have I been wanting to make many things on my list? Yes.  Have I been making anything?  No.  I am currently rereading Just One Day and will be rereading the two books after it as soon as I finish it.  I will be working on some stuff but I am so distracted...and homesick. Sigh.  So I will be rereading, making, and planning a trip to Europe.

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