Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Made it: Paint Drip Bangle

I have said this before.  I will say it again.  I love paint drips.  Don't know why.  

I was brainstorming ideas for my Mom's Christmas gift.  I knew I wanted to make her a set of bangles.  For months I have had this idea in my head.  Paint drips on a bangle.  It is one of those ideas that plants itself in your brain and grows roots.  I kept brainstorming because I thought there is no way my mom will wear it.  After brainstorming some perfectly good ideas that I was just not interested in trying I remembered some advice I once got about buying flowers for people....buy them what you would want to receive.  I can't remember why or when or from who I got this advice but it has made flower buying more meaningful and fun.

I make jewelry.  Everyone that I love knows that I make jewelry.  Isn't it more special to give them something that is "me" rather than making something I think they will like?  It's giving them a part of me rather than just giving them something I can make.

So those are the two I came up with.  The paint drips are rebellious and somewhat organic while the thin bangle is more militaristic and organized.  I didn't strive for those qualities to be represented but it is funny to me that they are what came out because they represent my mom.  My mom has a rebellious streak in her that you can see in her fashion or decor...standing up for what she thinks is right.  At the same time she is a hard ass mother.  I am pretty sure I stayed out of trouble growing up because my Mom scared the crap out of me..in a loving way.  Love you, Mom!

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