Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Made it: Camera Strap

It was my last made gift for Christmas.  Maybe it was because I was burned out.  Maybe it was because I wasn't working from any tutorial.  Whatever it was, this gift did not get made until Christmas Eve.

My brother is a hobby photographer.  For a hobby his photos have a distinct point of view.  I think he should take his hobby up a notch.  I'm just saying. (You can check his photos out here.)  I digress.  I thought having a fun camera strap would be a good gift...but just incase I got him bacon flavored popcorn too.

I used Kaffe Fassett Blue Herringbone fabric on the front and faux leather for the back and straps.  I googled a bunch of camera straps and from those images decided what would work for my materials.  Not having a tutorial gave me a greater sense of accomplishment but it also sapped me of energy so that I could not relish in it.  Trial. And. Error.

Sean modeling the camera strap.

Just a note and a blooper from the "photo shoot".  I wanted to do  a leopard print...it would be funny and weird but he could totally pull it off.  I wasn't confident enough that he would use it so I stuck with the fabric you see.  Oviously.  When he got it he said, "You should have done it in leopard."  WHAT?  Crap.  I guess I know him better than I thought.

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