Tuesday, January 3, 2012

With these powers combined...

This year my parents combined creative forces and created one of the most special Christmas gifts I have ever received.

This year they made embroidered wooden boxes for everyone in the family.  

I think the collaborative effort it the most meaningful part.  My dad has been working with wood since I can remember and my mom has been using a needle and thread since she was little.  It means so much to receive one and even more to have B and W each have one as well.  It is special that they found a way to combine something they have been doing mostly separately for most of my life.  

Each of our boxes is made of a different kind of wood.  Well, B and W's boxes are both oak.  I love the font my mom chose for their letters.  

My box is Purpleheart.  It is so cool because it is actually a gorgeous purple.  My E is also green for the color of my living room.  Love it. Color!

Sean's box is made of Bubinga wood.  That's right...Bubinga.  

They each signed the back of the lid and wrote "Christmass 2011".  

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