Friday, August 26, 2011

feel good lighting

Do you ever look at something and your eyes are not able to really "focus"on what you are looking at?  It's not that it is blurry but that it just doesn't make sense in your head.  Some part of it throws everything off.  I would say that happened with the Nick Olson room....for me something was matter how many times that room shows up in a blog post it's a surprise every time I see it because it's not as I remember.   

by the Evie Group

Well, I had the complete opposite reaction when I saw these lights on the Contemporist this morning.  They give me a sense of peace when I look at them.  Everything with their proportions and color and shape all make sense and I feel relieved.  If you could say the weight of the lights looks right (can you say that?) I would.  I guess the correct terminology would be proportions...?  Anyway, these lights just make me feel good.

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