Friday, June 10, 2011


My Mom arrived Tuesday to help us while we wait for this little girl to arrive.  It has been wonderful.  She has cooked and cleaned AND changed poopy diapers!  We have been preparing for two events at my house this weekend but then I anticipate lots of post worthy activity.  We have some big plans for while she is here...window treatments, chair recovering, general decorating madness.  I am excited!  Made it Monday might temporarily be changed to My Mom Made it Monday while she is here.  I have the energy to come up with ideas but little energy beyond that.  My journal is filling up with ideas which is GREAT but I have no energy now and anticipate even less time and energy for a while once our family becomes four.

So, I have had a few days of no posts.  The only time I feel like I can write is when B goes to bed and we are all relaxing.  Two things happened that have prevented me from doing that this week.  First, my body has decided to keep me awake extra late and wake me up too early which has resulted in mind mush.  Second, So You Think You Can Dance has started!  I forgot how happy it makes me.  The choreographers are amazing and the dancers this year are nothing but fierce.  I am so psyched to see the competition get under way.  Mind mush + dancing = multi-tasking kryptonite.  Also, my Mom introduced me to Words With Friends which is annoyingly addicting.

I will be back Monday with a Made It post!

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