Monday, June 13, 2011

Made it Monday: Reversible bag.

You can't see it but there is an outer pocket!
I found two awesome things recently.  I found a 1/2 yard of cute fabric perfect for one of my friends and a pattern/tutorial for a reversible bag.  Because there was only 1/2 yard available I tried the pattern out on some cheap fabric so I could make sure I would like how it looks.

Second side....probably going to remain the inside most of the time.  
I was most drawn to the shape of the bag.  I love it.  The bottom uses darts as a way to add depth which I had never done before and like the look.  After reading the comments about the tutorial I decided to make the straps a little longer than the pattern.  As for the size of the body of the bag...some people enlarged it but I decided to go with the given size and judge after.  One problem.  Checking the size on me....8+ months pregnant...tells me nothing about what it will look like hanging on my very thin friend.  Yikes.  I will have to wait a few weeks to judge the size or have another friend hold it up.  In the meantime I have decided the fabric is too playful for a bag and have decided to go in a different direction....stay tuned.

I ironed it twice!  It wrinkles so easily!
Incase you decide to make this bag, here are a few notes!  It did not print to the correct ended up a little smaller.  Instead of reprinting I just made the seam allowances smaller.  It worked out fine.  Also, I think the author of the tutorial used a thicker fabric so it gave the bag more structure.  I used two quilting fabrics and, if I make this pattern again, I will be using interfacing.  Oh..and I added pockets.

Here is the tutorial for the bag if you want to make it!

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  1. really cute em! i still want to make the striped one!


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