Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Craft Night: Bangles

Three ladies left waiting for bracelets to dry when I remembered..."PICTURES!"
Through writing in my blog and Pinterest I have discovered that many of my friends and acquaintances are interested in making things.    Inspired by/jealous of other bloggers' craft nights I decided to host one myself.
Hi-tech drying rack.
Last week I hosted a craft night for seven lovely ladies.  Our project was inspired by this Martha Stewart craft.  I had every intention to document the night in photographs but forgot about my camera until the very end!  So...you get some good pictures of my bracelets....oops.  Next time.  (If you attended, send me a pic of your bracelet and I will post it!)

Everyone received two wooden bangles that I ordered from this site.  I supplied paints, tissue paper, studs, Mod Podge and inspiration pictures.

Craft night is a fun idea but my biggest fear was that people would leave with something they would never wear.  I know well that inspiration cannot always be conjured up when you want it.   Most of the time a craft for the sake of doing a craft always turns out cheesy for me.  The inspiration pictures I collected was my effort to get everyone to make something they really want to wear by seeing bracelets that they might buy.  I think it worked because I would have bought at least one of everybody's  two bracelets for myself.

Perhaps, though, it was the delicious homemade cookies, caprese salad kebobs and gooey butter cake people brought that really got our juices flowing. So so delicious.

Tissue paper decoupage and color wash.

Tissue paper decoupage and color washing were the techniques of choice.  We had a few painters and a few people who ventured into applying studs.  I have a few extra undecorated bracelets that I plan to cover in studs.  Those bracelets turned out great!  One of my favorite bracelets was created by Priscilla.  She combined two colors so they weren't completely mixed.  It created a marbled effect when she painted it on the bangle.  LOVE IT.  The creative process is amazing.  I was so inspired by everyone.

I can't wait until the next craft night.  I already have an idea.  If you are reading this, in the area and want to come next time (date tba!) email or comment and I will include you on the evite!

Here are a few pics of the two I created.

Color washed in reds and pinks.

Pretty sure no hand model would ever pose this way.

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