Friday, February 22, 2013

Gallery wall on brick.

I haven't blogged in a while, I know.  This discovery, however, is too good not to share. is an out of the blue blog post.  Also, I hope it gets me blogging again...I need something to hold me accountable for getting things done around here.  My mind races thinking about all the things we need and want to do.  It's paralyzing.

We have had gallery photo walls in our past few houses.

Part of Gallery Wall
By the time we were getting our house ready to sell in Massachusetts I was glad to take down the photos.  It was starting to feel so tired.  Isn't there some twist that can be given to make gallery walls more exciting??!!?  All those frames were an investment and the big empty wall intimidated me so it stayed up until we had to put our house on the market.

New House house and a million frames that I am not that excited to find a place for.  For a month and a half all of my photos and art have been stacked on the floor, waiting to be destroyed by a toddler.  (Secretly, I was hoping a toddler might take a few out so I would feel less guilty about not using them.)  Almost two months and NOT A SINGLE frame has been damaged.  I guess I should be proud.

At some point, while I was waiting for my kids to make my decisions for me, inspiration struck...A gallery wall on my big, empty, ugly, awkward brick wall.  Yesss.  (Brick walls can be incredibly cool and urban....this one is too's painful...)
The fireplace is not centered and it
I hate hanging things.  Sean hangs everything with exactly the right tools.  I, on the other hand, have no desire to be that detailed and now that I have seen what amount of detail can and should be considered when hanging anything I worry that every nail I put in the wall will not hold.  So...I let Sean know I need to hang something and at some point he appears with the correct tools and things get hung.

When my third request to hang pictures on brick produced no results I asked why.  Sean was reluctant to put a bunch of holes in our brick wall and I realized that I was thankful that he never showed up with a hammer.  Having to place the pictures exactly where I wanted them the first time made me incredibly nervous...and I what if I didn't like it?...there would be a bunch of holes in our brick wall.  Not easy to fix...I'm guessing.  Details, details.

After some begging and false confidence (on my part) in how awesome it would look, Sean began to research alternatives to nails in brick.  Thank goodness he did!  He found these:

They clip to the brick and support up to 25lb.  I was skeptical because the word "clip" doesn't conjure up an image of strength, but they are magic.  I hung all the frames in about 10 minutes.  10 minutes.  (See B still watching a TV show on the ottoman?..10 minutes!) And nothing has fallen off yet.

10 minutes

Obviously, there will be tweaking done to spacing and I will probably add a frame or two but there are 6 less frames waiting to be destroyed by toddlers.

Boom.  Close up.


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