Sunday, October 7, 2012

Want an update?

This one goes out to my Massachusetts friends.

Hi guys.  I miss you.  It's been just over a month now.  Thought I would drop you a line and let you know....if I haven't we are doing.

*Grammar loving friends ( know who you are) I apologize ahead of time...just remember how much you love me otherwise.
**Very little of the normal design blogging going on.**

We moved in with my parents in Pelham, GA.  (Pelham: A Special Place....No..seriously...That's the town motto or whatever.)  Pelham is tiny.  2,000 people tiny.  That's TINY, right?  We are apx. 30 minutes from Thomasville, GA....50 minutes from Tallahassee, FL....3.5 hours from Atlanta, GA.  Not bad.  We moved in with my parents partially so we can get a feel for Thomasville and figure out where we want to live.  In the last month I have learned a few things about Thomasville one of which is that it takes at most 7 minutes to get anywhere in least the parts I find important so far.  So it really doesn't matter where we end up b/c we are close to everything because it is much smaller and less traffic-y than Boston.  Go figure.  It's like packing for a tropical vacation while going through a New England winter.  It's almost impossible to fathom warmth and not needing at least a light jacket...It was hard to fathom no traffic and a small area.  But here we are!  NO TRAFFIC!!!  SMALL TOWNS!!!

Good LORD is it beautiful here.  In a totally different way than New England beautiful..because is definitely beautiful there.  My 30 minutes drive to Thomasville everyday has not yet gotten old.  The greenery is so lush.  I love it.  Pecan tress.  Have you ever seen one?  They are everywhere here.  Beautiful in the summer and amazingly creepy in the winter.  Check it.


Why do I drive to Thomasville everyday?  B is going to school!!!  That's right and no...I did not cry the first day.  He loves it!  It is good for so many reasons.  I get one on one time with Whit...B is someone else's problem for three hours a day and I mean that in the nicest way possible.  The move for B has been than less than smooth.  It is getting better but all of the change hasn't been easy for him.  It's not always bad but he doesn't have his own play space and very few of his toys.  THANK GOD IT IS WARM AND HE CAN PLAY OUTSIDE! Good news, though...he and Whit are actually showing signs of friendship now.  They love playing together...mostly.  Ha.  Whit?  Whit is great.  She is on the verge of serious talking and she is so happy and makes friends with everyone.  Very southern already if I do say so myself.

Thomasville, GA.  Let me tell you...every time I visit Thomasville I fall more in love.  Sean and I were here in March (or April..?) and my Mom took Whit and me there one afternoon so go to a fabric store.  The downtown was unbelievable.  I went home and told Sean...we went there together the next day and that night we were looking at houses online.  True story.  More truth?  In my heart I have been ready to move south since I got pregnant with B.  I was just waiting for Sean to be ready.  I love Boston but I missed mt family and I needed them.  I waited...very patiently...and this spring Sean was ready.  Thomasville has an Amherst/Northampton/Cambridge feel which is why I think Sean was completely comfortable and excited about making the move.  The town puts a lot of value in the arts and in their past.  They have successfully and genuinely restored their downtown (main street).  Yesterday we went into town and everywhere there were people shopping downtown. It is not a charming ghost town of what once was like so many places I have seen (lived).  It is not a disney-fied version of the idealistic main street.  It actually IS a main street that people go to for decor...

Harvesting pecans with Gator

What is the biggest difference between here and Mass?  People invite you to church when they find out you are new.  Someone actually apologized the other day for having not invited me already.  I was speechless.  "That's...ok?"  What?  Huge difference.  
B at Chick - fil - a.

So..this is getting wordy and has very few pictures.  I will write a few more posts about some experiences we have had (and include more pictures!).  Quickly, though...we joined the Y which is across the street from B's school.  Whit loves getting to be around other kids...she really misses our regular weekly play date with Arabelle, Lillian, Ethan, Abigail, Luke, Mikayla, Olivia, and Liam. I miss Baby Bootcamp but have found a great and VERY challenging yoga class. We started going to First United Methodist in Thomasville.  I haven't been to Sunday School in over 10 years but I am very happy to return so some of the traditional aspects of church that Mercy House and Reunion chose to leave behind or alter.  We found so much growth and family in those churches but I can't lie that after starting a family I missed the community I experienced in a more traditional church.  I hope I don't offend any of my Mercyhousers or Reunion family. I love you all!  

Sean has some interviews coming up and we are starting to look at houses in Thomasville.  Request for prayer from my praying friends! 

That's it for now. 

Love you all.


  1. Emily, I just now read your post. I'm so glad you are enjoying being back in the South! I'm sure your mom and dad are so happy you are, too! I will be praying Sean gets the job he wants and you find a house! Love ya! Jenny Watson


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