Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A disappearing kitchen

The Contemporist  just posted a sliding kitchen countertop by Minimal that hides a stove and sink.  My mind is a little blown.  The. faucet. is. retractable.

Overall, not my style but seriously interesting.  The form is great....the function concerns me.  This would not survive in my house for many many reasons.  What if water runs under the sliding countertop?  Surfaces must be kept CLEAN.  Although...a bonus is that you could hide your dishes in the sink and just cover them up!  Maybe disappearing kitchen 2.0 will include a feature in the counter top that cleans and disinfects as the counter slides closed.

If you can afford this you are probably the type of person who has a life lived mostly outside of the home and doesn't have to worry about cleaning a kitchen after every meal.


  1. My counters are never clean enough for this! They def. do not have kids... I agree though, amazing idea. It should come with a maid.

  2. Emily, check out the Arclinea Spatia kitchen on my website!! It is a beautiful "hidden" kitchen concept and depending on the finishes chosen it won't break the bank :) these hidden kitchens are actually great for cooks and entertainers! You don't have to clean before enjoying your guests because you can just close the doors until the party's over :)
    Go to products then kitchens


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