Monday, March 28, 2011

Today is brought to by the word LAMBREQUIN


This word and everything about it are completely new to me.  If I have ever seen a lambrequin before it didn't register at all because I feel like yesterday was the first time I have ever laid eyes on one.  And I love it.  Love. LoVe.  lOvE.  But I am worried.  Why haven't I seen them?  I have a sneaking suspicion they are some dated design element that was REALLY popular in the 80s or 90s...probably 80s because I had a memory in the 90s...and I never saw my mom make a lambrequin.  Also, I have been looking at a bunch of pictures of lambrequin fails...and the fails would have been considered wins in the 80s.  But...despite my worrying that I am completely oblivious to how horrible they I am seeing a scrunchie for the first time and think they are the next big thing.  (Yikes...that would be embarrassing.)  Despite all of that part of me doesn't care because look what I could do to my window:

via Simply Fursnishings
Moroccan Style!  If no one writes to inform me that I am way off base about lambrequin appeal...and I will be crushed if that happens...I might just ignore that person and do it anyway....if no one convinces me otherwise I will probably create the above shape.  The Moroccan inspiration will likely end there as I don't have any interest in a Moroccan don't worry about me having crazy colors or gold with tassels.  I am content with restrained bursts of inspiration.  We will see what happens when I start brainstorming this week with my Mom but I can see it with decorative upholstery tacks and a simple, solid colored fabric.  Something to this effect:


We'll see.  That's just my gut reaction.  

I think lambrequins bring the DRAMA in a new and different way.  Look at the potential!:

via Kasmir Fabrics

Some of the above are clearly dated mistakes...but I could see someone attempting a few of those dated mistakes with modern materials or in gray and trying to get it to work. 

I will be mulling over lambrequins for the next few days at least.  I will let you know what I decide.  But I am way more excited about making one or doing something inspired by them than I am doing a drape.  

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