Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fighting the Winter Blues with earrings.

Janna Conner via Max and Chloe

{The color is vibrant and fresh.  The wire wrapping around the stones gives these earrings an unexpected restrained feeling.  They are clever but not over thought.}

Winter Blues be gone!  I am so tired of feeling blah.  I am DETERMINED to shake this lazy, pity party mood.

What do you do when you can't fit your pregnant belly in to any of your cute clothes?  Accessorize.  
{I am not crazy about the heart shape but I love the colors and the way the beads fill the gold borders.  The color gives the earring movement.}

Sean bought me some beautiful earrings from an art gallery in Boston.  I wore them for the first time to his birthday dinner last weekend and they are magical.  I didn't wear anything special....I just put the earrings on and I felt better than I had in months.  So, in anticipation of a rough day taking Brady to a weekly function he has not been enjoying, I put the earrings on.  Today wasn't that bad.  There are lots of reasons why but my earrings let me start my day off with a little extra pep in my step.

Arena CPH
{I love brushed finishes on beads.  I also like the graduated size of the beads.}

Ben-Amun via Max and Chloe

{I have been enjoying all types of blue + green color combo.  It is so peaceful.  The vintage costume jewelry look has taken me a while to warm up to but I really like it here.}

Blu Bijou via Max and Chloe

{Ay yiyi!  I couldn't choose a favorite color.  Sometimes earrings convey too much try in the design.  You have such a small space to make an impact and sometimes you can just sense frustration with proportion and color.  These earrings make such a dramatic statement with two simple shapes and a simple pattern.}

Catherine Weitzman via Max and Chloe

{I am not sure I can put into words what I like about these.  They look like they are being blown upwards.  They are kind of gross looking and I like that.}
Citrine by the Stones via Max and Chloe
{The little nubs on the wire caught my eye.  Also, the wire is so delicate...the earrings looks to fragile to wear.  I like that.}


{I am a sucker for tortoise shell.  Even though these have an eighties 
vibe in their shape...the broken hoop or whatever official name it 

has...I am digging the tortoise shell.}

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