Monday, March 14, 2011

Made it Monday: Baby's Room Window

Brady will soon be sharing a room with a baby sister and I have been working out what I am going to do with his room to make it more gender neutral.  Currently the colors are green, blue and ivory/neutral.  I haven't done too much with his room but his window treatment and bedskirt (made by my Mom are/were blue, green and ivory)  I intend to keep the green and ivory and add something else to make it suit both a boy and girl.  

googled fish scale pattern and found this cool grate cover
My favorite pattern is the fish scale pattern and I have wanted to use it.  I also love texture.  Instead of buying a fabric with the pattern printed on it I have wanted to make something with more texture.  After I decided to use it on a window I had to figure out how to do it so it wasn't too gaudy/tacky.  Last week I finally figured out what I wanted to do!

You can see the different fabrics best in this picture

I used terry cloth, fleece and felt fabric and cut them into 4 1/4 inch circles.  Using Fabri-tac I glued the circles to a cloth that I marked off to get the design straight.  I wish you could tell the different fabrics in the pictures..but in person it creates a really cool texture that is better than I expected.  I tend to put off projects that I come up with on my own because there is a high probability that it will suck and I will be disappointed by how much time it took and didn't come out like I hoped.  It didn't happen this time!  It turned out better than I envisioned and I am so thrilled with it.  Thank goodness because it was a lot of work.  

one last picture

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