Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bookcase Before and After

Today's post is brought to you by Made It Monday....because I didn't post anything Monday.  This is a before and after/almost'll see why.


I found this glass doored bookcase a few months ago on craigslist after a long search.  I love it.  It's just what I wanted (it could be a darker wood/stain but price and style won over color).  Unfortunately, it's just kind of blah in my room.  Too dark on this inside.  I thought things might improve once it wasn't against such a brown/red color but it still needed something.  I saw this post on Hi Sugarplum! a while back which gave me the idea to do this:

What I did: 

I got the fabric from  Ribbon trim from Joann Fabrics.  Using spray adhesive I glued the fabric to some poster board that I ducked tape together to be the size of the bookcase.  Then using fabri-tac I glued the ribbon around the edges.  

I was realllly (unnecessarily) lazy and didn't measure the size of the bookcase before ordering the fabric.  The consequence of my laziness is this:

The yard of fabric was about six inches too short!  I have to order a little more.  Being lazy means more work in the end.  I did learn from Cassie's mistake, however, on Hi Sugarplum! and measured the inside twice when cutting and taping the poster board so it fits pretty well!

I really like how the fabric background lightened up the bookcase.  You can see everything now.  I can't wait to have it finished.  I am going to go order more of the fabric now.


  1. great job!!! love that fabric choice too! Mistakes happen in DIY...the good thing is, you'll never make that one again! ;)


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