Monday, February 7, 2011

Window shopping for bracelets

Being pregnant, I spent the first three-ish months just trying to get through the day....showering was my big goal each day.  It was rough.  I won't bore you.  Now that my energy is back I am starting to care about how I look in public again.  I am sure my husband is thankful.  But there is a second obstacle....THIS WEATHER.  A snowstorm a week.  It's like getting punched in the face and as soon as your vision clears you get punched again.  Or you are caught in the rip current and every time you come up for air you get pulled back under.  As much as I wish I could put on a dress or something nice my main priority is warmth and I achieve that with long sleeved t-shirts, jeans and boots.  Pretty.  I went window shopping at this weekend because a little jewelry can make any girl feel better about how she looks...even in a t-shirt.  I would usually go for a necklace to dress up a boring outfit but I was really feeling bracelets.

This is my favorite.  I love the colors....they come darker as well.

I really love enamel jewelry and this is just so simple and sweet.  Feels like spring could be just around the corner.  Oh's going to snow tomorrow.



This one really reminds me of Spring Break in High School.  You make a wish when you put it on and when it finally breaks and falls off your wish is supposed to come true....right?  Anyway....sun, beach, warmth...yes please.  Instead of some cheap beads SKU uses metal and I am a sucker for metal + textiles.  


Accessories and Beyond
"Let's design a bracelet that looks like a hair tie."  I try to keep my comments positive but I really don't understand this bracelet.  It comes in all the standard hair tie colors too.  I already hate that I end up wearing a hair tie as a bracelet daily...maybe this will make it more acceptable?  Pass.

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