Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Some days just have to have their own rhythm."

That needs to be my mantra!  Yesterday was a rough day with my little guy.  I started a blog for today about 4 times but just didn't have the energy to finish any thoughts I started.  So, this blog post is unrelated to anything creative and just a celebration of a much better day!  Also, I am working on a window treatment project that I hope (fingers crossed) to finish tonight and have pics of in the next few days!!

Brady and I were invited to an event put on by Mom Central and Seaworld.  It was a luncheon held at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge.  Brady got to see penguins, a spoon billed bird and an alligator up close and personal.  He loved the animals almost as much as he loved checking out everyone's digital cameras and phones.  Then we got a great lunch and a giant cookie....bigger than Brady's face.  His eyes got as big as the cookie when he saw it.

I need to get better at this Mom thing...I forgot my camera.  These pictures are me trying to get Brady to wear the Shamu tail hat he got.  He was more interested in taking pictures than being in them.

"Happy face, Brady!"

He wouldn't wear it so I tried...but he blocked it out of the photo.

My day only got better.  I have been missing my family so badly.  Using skymiles we paid $20 for two tickets to Florida!!!  I am going to get to spend two weeks with them!!  I am so excited.


  1. i wanna go to FL! my mama is there too...maybe i can stow away?!!

    when do you go?

  2. If you can fit in our suitcase you can stow away. :) One of our suitcases lost a leg last journey...so it might be rough.

    End of March to beginning of April. WARM WARM WARM WARM WARM WARM. I have to stock up on shorts for B!


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