Friday, February 4, 2011

Making a boy's room girl friendly

I have apx. 5 months to turn Brady's room into Brady + a girl's room.  We started the transition today...I got a toddler bed (I love you, Craigslist).  My philosophy is that maybe if it's in there he will have time to get used to it?  I don't know what I am doing.  I should probably read something on transitioning toddlers from cribs to beds...add that to the list.

So far Brady's room is blue and green.  The walls are Asparagus by Behr.  What a terrible name for paint.

I can't decide on the colors to bring a little femininity into the mix. Right now the crib bedding is a dark blue,  green and blue tiny check and a quilted neutral.  

I started browsing for some inspiration today and came up with these.  I love the big horizontal it. Maybe in an ivory-ish color?  That would soften the room.  Doing the whole room scares maybe a wall or two.  I also like the orange.  
massucco warner miller via Hi Sugarplum!

I also found this fabric and I WANT to make a headboard for Brady.  So bad.  Brady adores dogs.
Best Friends - Premier Prints

I love the artwork in this picture.

Via Green Baby Guide
And finally, I like the colors in this room...if my green was more FUN!! and less subdued it would work.  Oh well.  Happy Friday.
Ohdeeoh's 2008 Kid's Color Contest


  1. i have some fun kids' room design books you can borrow if you want. my fav which i got at the malden library on interlibrary loan was "room for children" by susanna salk (i think.) amazing book!

  2. also check out and browse the kids rooms. great inspiration!


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