Friday, June 5, 2009


Where does inspiration come from and how does it work?!

I have read about/seen jewelry inspired by strong women, culture, nature, religion..and more. It is really amazing to see the product of inspiration. To see something...the essence of transformed through beading, soldering, knotting, stringing, setting, hammering, etc. ...amazing Then, you can wear the new form of the essence of something or some idea. Something so large as a culture can be worn around your neck or on your finger. Better is the result of someone being moved by that thing and you are wearing something they really care about.

Because jewelry can be full of so much meaning, I really have a hard time with places like Claires, Aldo and other stores that sell cheap mass produced jewelry. Often the styles are cheap adaptations of jewelry celebrities wear....and people buy it so they can kind of pull off the same look as someone else. It is watered down jewelry. It's sad to me. The pieces that sit in my jewelry case and go the most unworn are the pieces that are the cheapest and least inspired. They are often always been the biggest waste of money.

My Inspiration. Inspiration is often transient for me. It rarely lasts long enough to develop anything more than one or two pieces...I get bored. The only reliable source of inspiration for me is interior decorating magazines. Elle Decor and Architectural Digest are my favorites.

Color is difficult for me. I don't think outside the box enough...and when I try I often fail. I turn to interior decorating magazines for lessons on color combos. The texture and patterns of fabric also provide a source of inspiration. Elle usually has eclectic designs with lots of color while Architectural Digest has more crisp and distinct styles but with interesting styling in the rooms. The combination of elements provides a texture for the room.

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