Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morgan Jean

Serene. I can't remember where I first saw Morgan Jean jewelry but I k now it was the gold tear drop hoops (below) that lead me to look up the site. All of her designs are so peaceful feeling. Very natural.

Morgan Soule, the designer, has a bio on her website that offers a lot of hope for me! She was in finance and creating jewelry as a hobby. She eventually left her job on Wall Street to design full time. When I graduated college with a degree in economics, a minor in math and an almost certain future working somehow in finance I was slightly deflated. I was disappointed in myself for having not explored my creative side while I had an excellent art department available to me. As I mentioned in an earlier post I let fear of failure keep me away. I also felt that I had to somehow qualify to be in take art classes...everyone would know I was a faker...what that even means I don't know..but there it is. I was comfortable in numbers because math had always come so naturally. Trying to find success in anything else felt like I would be fighting fate if you are only allowed to be successful in one thing. Slowly I am realizing that does not have to be the case. Slowly.

I have taken a few risks/steps that I can be proud of...a drawing class...networking with jewelers while I was between jobs...taken a job I was over qualified for just to get a glimpse in the world of architecture (which I also love and was more open to exploring in college by taking classes...but architecture needs numbers people so I felt like I had a right to be there...less of a faker...?) I need some better follow through!

Back to the real thing: The description of Morgan Soule's jewelry is so on point. It is described by adjectives such as confident, feminine, natural. That all comes across clearly in her pieces. Each piece is strong but would never dominate your outfit. Enhance and complement...but never dominate.

She has four style themes on her website. I like that her products fall neatly into 1 of four categories. I would love to be able to label my designs similarly...right now I would have 365 style themes and every one would be titled.."How I felt on (fill in the date)".

The hoops are so uncomplicated and beautiful. They could be worn with almost anything and hold their own. Not to mention that they could be paired with so many styles of necklaces.
The right balance between earring choice and necklace choice is the most difficult for me. I shamefully admit that I usually opt out of earrings all together when wearing a necklace that is anything but gold or silver. A new found interest in earrings, however, has motivated me to incorporate them more and more.
I made a pair of temporary tear drop earrings to test my abilities after having seen these...they weren't as easy to make as I expected...I wore them one day and got complimented multiple times. I didn't expect that because they are so simple.

While exploring the Morgan Jean site this necklace caught my eye. It is under the Swami section. All of the stone pendants are semi-precious with a bezel set gem stone. I have to admit that the bezel set gem stone, upon first glance and without any thought, really didn't resonate with me...until I saw this necklace. It was then that I began to think about why this design might be worth it. The stone in the center felt wrong and over thought at first but now I see how it makes a simple stone many times more interesting in a very simple way. Not so simple that you would see it anywhere. So now I find the Swami collection very intriguing and emanating some amount of intelligence.
The mix of stones and color is what attracted me at first. I am really interested to see what this looks like while being worn. Laid out like this, it is easy to see each stone...but hanging on a neck you won't see each stone as clearly and there will be overlap. I wonder how much it will change the look of it.

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