Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting the ball rolling.

Creativity does not spring eternal for me.  You know?  It's more like a car battery...if I let is sit unused for too long it won't start.  It needs a jump.  Creating things is my best source of relief.  It is really disappointing when my battery is dead and I realllllly need to drive that car.

Analogy over.

After giving into my exhaustion for the past few...months....and just vegging on the couch after kid bedtime, I decided it was time to figure out how to jump start my creativity.  For the past month I have tried to do something creative every matter how little or mindless the creation.  I hoped that no matter what I was creating that it would help get me inspired and ready to take on some of the bigger projects around my house...especially the ones I have been tripping over for months...or to use some of the supplies I have been...collecting.  It's a fine line between having supplies for specific projects and just having a collection.

My daily projects have included tutorials I had pinned for later, craft time with my kids, sketching in my journal, watching tutorials about new techniques, and finally and most recently projects for my house (hallelujah!).

Just this week I finished painting some wrought iron furniture for Whit that has been taking up tons of floor space in my work area....for months and months and months.

Yesterday Sean gave me a few hours to focus on some jewelry.  As luck would have it I was completely blank.  100% uninspired.  Such a bummer.  I ended up making a leather tassel which I have seen on a few DIY blogs.  That opened the door to getting a few things done.

The point is that this has been one of the best ways I have found to get my creativity flowing.  It has also relieved me of the guilt/pressure I have felt over being uninspired when I have those precious moments of silence.

Need a good therapist?  I have a long list of DIY projects that you can borrow.  She is the best around.

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