Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crayon Art but Not Like That

If you have ever explored Pinterest in any capacity then you probably have seen this project.  It is extremely popular and for good reason.  The minute I saw it I wanted to do it and B and I had so much fun doing it.
Hot glue those suckers on.

I have to admit I stressed about getting the rainbow right and then I had a glass of wine and realized B is two (Almost three.  I can't think about it).  Close is good enough.  

Make sure you have something under and behind the canvas.
He was impressed.

blow dry
It is so easy even a two year old (Almost three. Gasping for air.) can do it!  Seriously, though, I love how this looks no matter how unoriginal it is.

This was a no pants and sunglasses craft. Mandatory.

Some cool over the top crayon action.

Bonus drips!

Finito.  I am going to Italy this summer so I am practicing.  Finito.

There it is in action.

Love it.

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