Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awesome table DIY

I went so hard making gifts over the holidays that I have spent the past two months in a creative slump.  I have ideas.  I lack motivation.  I swear I am still catching up on sleep and energy from Christmas.  Man is it an exhausting holiday with children.

My creative juices have been revving up over the past week or so...hence finally working on this dresser that I started ages ago...when it was warm out.  I am ready to go.  I just got two enormous boxes of fabric in the mail from this great fabric shop also known as my Mom's surplus.  I found this awesome pull/knob combo that I am going to put on something in the near future.  And then this happened:

I saw it on my friend Kim's pinterest page and I might have to try it.  I haven't seen an Ikea hack that interested me this much since this hack that I loved to much I copied it exactly.  What a transformation.  It seems relatively simple too!  The best part?  I already have this exact table sitting in my garage.

Watch out are going to get some use again.

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