Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saddest of news.

There it is.  All finished.  Just waiting for the pulls that are arriving tomorrow.

 It has been a very long process.  I first painted it the dark pink after which I decided to switch up the way I did the design...which required the entire dresser be repainted the light pink.  Then I spent forever taping it.  When the super sticky paint tape wasn't quite sticky enough to grab every I waited forever to start the next step because I didn't want to find out that my design wouldn't be possible.  I wrote earlier that this might be the biggest craft fail of my life.  When I got tired of it taking up space in my dining room I started painting and was pleasantly surprised that the tape did a better job than I expected.  Touch ups went more smoothly than expected. The sealing was painless as well.  Thank God the last few steps went so smoothly.  If they hand't been this next bit of news would have been much much harder to take.  

the top

We are having Sean's birthday party next weekend so the dresser has to be moved so I can clean this week.  Today is the day for moving.......I just found out that the dresser will not fit up EITHER of our stairwells.  

I know.  I can't believe it.  I never thought it wouldn't fit.  We have tried everything.  Sean says the only way it will go up is if we cut it in pieces and glue it back together.  

Too bad this dresser isn't from Ikea.   

I don't know what I am going to do yet.  I am trying to figure out where to put it downstairs but I am doubtful there is a home for it there.  So sad.


  1. take it outside and haul it up through a window! it is so beautiful it's worth it!


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