Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A monogram I can get behind.

I have such mixed feelings about monograms.  Sometimes I like them.  Most of the time I just don't get them.  I think the overall effect of a monogram is attractive but it doesn't fit into my life for some reason.

I did some reading about the history of monograms to try and understand why everything (EVERYTHING) is monogrammed.  In a few words here is what I learned.  Monograms were first used to identify the cities where Greek and Roman coins originated.  Then royalty used them.  Then craftsmen and artists began signing their work with them.  Then Victorian era society people let you know how uppity they were with monograms.  Now....now they are everywhere.  Bags. Pillows. Bathroom towels.  Pendants.  Nice evolution.  So.  All of that is good to know.  I still don't understand why we monogram everything. Do you?  Help.

Anyway...here is a really cute monogrammed thing.


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