Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two things.

My parents have arrived for Christmas.  My children did not nap because of the excitement and have gone to bed early.  I have time to be on the computer for the first time in weeeeeeeeeks.  I am taking this opportunity to catch up on pretty pictures I have missed in the blog world.  I have over 1000 unread posts.  Yikes.  

I have to share these two pictures.  I think they are both from this blog, that I love.

I love the pillows on this bed.  The fabric is so nice.  Want.  Want.  What is that painting is of but I find it equally creepy and cool.

WHAT?! HOW?  WHAT?! I love everything in this room.  I think it is overloaded and cramped all together.  But the pillows, the chairs, the wall paper, the sofa.....  I love them.

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