Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting things done....very very slowly: my dresser

Weekly updates on things I have made have gone out the window since the arrival of one very cute and very chunky Whitney Kate.  

I have a lot started-but-not-quite-finished projects.  Instead of not posting while I wait to finish my million projects....I decided to give a sneak peek of one that will (fingers crossed) be done this week. This dresser is taking a really freaking long time.  I sanded everything...back when it was warm and summery.  Then I primed it.  Then I painted it bubblegum pink.  Two coats.  Then I decided to go about my design differently...after which I had to paint it baby pink (what you see).  

Now I am in the middle of taping off a design inspired by these three things:

Cross your fingers for me.  If this doesn't work it will be the biggest, most time consuming craft fail of my life.  I might quit all crafts forever.

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