Friday, November 11, 2011

Mom Jeans

Pants shopping.  I now understand why Mom Jeans exist.  New baby. New body. No sleep. Pants shopping.  They are a terrible mix.  As if pants shopping wasn't bad enough on its own.  Going in public in ill fitting jeans has never been so appealing.

I am a pear shape.  Apparently that is the most common female body type.  Why, then, do most pants gap in the back??  Just wondering.  I heard about Levi's Curve ID somewhere during my sleepless fog of new babydom and decided to check it out once I felt like I could handle shopping for pants.  I got my curve identified online (Supreme....great.)...I got some up the nerve...I went pants shopping.  When I asked where in the store I could find Supreme Curve I was told the Supreme Curve is new and experimental (this news did not make me feel encouraged) only sold in the NYC store and online but they happened to have a pair of returns in my size in that curve.  Score.  I bought them.  I got home and tried them on again...they felt tighter than only a few hours ago at the store.  I ALWAYS freak about the fit when I get home and try my purchase on.  I decided to order a larger size online just to be sure.  I ordered..seriously....6 pairs of jeans in different styles, washes, sizes, lengths...I returned all of them.  I just wasn't convinced.  Didn't love any of them.  I was going to return my store bought pair too simply because I felt defeated.  Luckily, I misplaced the receipt and decided store credit for $20 less than what I paid for them is worse than keeping them.  A few weeks went by.  The jeans were sitting in my room with the tags on.  I decided to wear them around the house and see how they felt after a little breaking in.  You think finding out after a day and a half of wearing these jeans that I love them would make me excited and relieved.  I wish.  I am glad to have another pair of jeans that fit well (a pair that doesn't gap at all!!) but it took so much emotional energy that I am even more afraid of the next pants shopping I have to do...dress pants.

So.  Moral(s) of my story? Mom jeans are way more forgivable now that I am a Mom and Curve ID is definitely worth checking out.  It is a whole new experience pulling up jeans that are cut for my body shape.

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