Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY gifts for men....?


As I wrote Tuesday, Sean and I participate in advent conspiracy.  We (try to) make gifts for each other rather than buy and donate the money that would have gone towards bought gifts. Brainstorming started early this year.  As I said, my gift last year was half made, half bought.  I made him a book and each page was a gift.  The made portion contained gifts like "a weekend without diaper changes" and "a romantic dinner of your choice" Fun things. Things I can't mention on my blog. And some helpful things.  The bought portion of the book was gift cards, a book he had been wanting and some music.  He definitely enjoyed the bought things.  He has reassured me that he really appreciates the made portion....but even I can admit the cheese factor of it all.  I can do better.

Coming up with any idea to make is so challenging.  I end up choosing the least terrible idea and the gift ends up feeling like a waste of time because it isn't really something Sean wants/needs/appreciates.  This is definitely not his fault.  There is just a disconnect between the kinds of made gifts women and men value and I tend to always think in terms of gifts I value.  I think after much brainstorming I am on to something good....let me share.

Brainstorming commence...

First, I googled "DIY gifts for men".  I found maybe 3 that I think are actually great gifts Sean might enjoy.  The rest are uninteresting and thoughtless.  Maybe your man would appreciate baked goods in a decorative tin....but most men probably won't feel that loved from this gift.  You might LOVE that decorated tin but...he probably didn't even notice it.  I mean...if you are going to make your husband one gift at Christmas shouldn't it express love and thoughtfulness in ways that he feels them? do I do that?

{Here are the few googled ideas that I'd like to make anyway:}

Turn his tie into a skinny tie!

 Themed gift box.  Obviously I will not give him ribbon...

A bag to carry his stuff when he bikes to work.  It would be something more manly than polka dots.

Brainstorming continues...

Last fall my community group read The Husband Project.  In it the author Kathi Lipp discusses the role of women in marriage.  The project part was a 21 day plan for actively loving our husbands.  Loving them intentionally. I love Sean so it should have been a piece of cake, right?....It was hard and tiring!  Especially on days we weren't agreeing or I was tired.  Good thing we (the women in the group) had each other for encouragement.  This book popped into my head as I was brainstorming.

One thing I learned from doing this project was different ways to love Sean through actions and prayer.   Some things I didn't really expect to "work" (make Sean feel loved and appreciated as a husband) did magic.  A few examples of things in my plan:

- Change up the routine when Sean got home so he could feel more relaxed
- Do a few of "his chores" the garbage out.  
- Send him loving notes
- A day of prayer where I prayed for him every hour
- Giving him a man night
- An at home, thoughtful date night

My gift ideas for Christmas are not fully formed but have been greatly inspired by The Husband Project.  I am going to take things that Sean has said throughout the year like...

- Where is the screwdriver??
- Where is the hammer?
- Where is my tape measure??
- I NEED A BOOKMARK!!!! (all. the. time.)
- I have no time to relax.

...and make gifts that address these repeated questions and statements.  There will be a few small thoughtfully made things on Christmas day for him to open but the "big" gift is going to be a project that takes time for me to complete and won't be unwrap-able.  I hope that it will make him feel loved and appreciated.  I'll keep you posted!  

Have you made gifts for your husband/dad/man in your life?  If so, what have you done? Any suggestions from successful DIY gifts??

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