Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Craft Night: Advent Conspiracy

I just sent out the evite for the next Craft Night!  If you are local and want to come, let me know.  We are going to be working on gifts for Christmas.  Have you heard of Advent Conspiracy?  No?


My church...and Sean and I...have been taking part for the past few years.  It is pretty incredible.  Now that B is more aware of Christmas and gifts it is interesting how my feelings change.  I do not want to spoil him with massive amounts of gifts.  I want to emphasize the other aspects of Christmas that are easily passed over when you are excited by how many presents are under the tree.  But I also remember the excitement of opening all those presents and oh man I want to see his eyes light up.  But then I remember how quickly that excitement was replaced with something else...it wasn't a feeling that lingered much past the 25th.  

The past two years we have given grandparents photo books narrated by B.  I have made jewelry for our Moms.  I knitted some stuff.  Made a shirt.  Last year Sean, my bro and I stuck a pin in every airport my Dad has been to on a world map (a lot of pins!).  Sounds weird to you I am sure...but he loved it.  It was fun to see his reaction and it was fun to spend the time making it together and realizing how little I remember from Geography class.  

Brainstorming for this year has been so much fun.  This year I want every person to get at least one made gift.  We have some good ideas for things to make B for Christmas that will be fun to work on together which is great considering how little time we spend talking once the kids go to bed.  I. just. want. silence. It's so difficult to figure out what to make my husband.  I tried last year.  It was half made, half bought.  I think he liked it......

Here are some of the things that we'll be making at Craft Night:  Craft Night

Do you make gifts for Christmas?

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  1. we MUST chat about this! i have some ideas too and would love to get together for some "crafternoons"! would you want to write an article for life after sunday on a roundup of advent consipracy homemade gifts? we could talk more about it, but would love if you would consider it. ;)


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