Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pull me in

Through reading blogs I see lots of pictures of rooms.  Every now and then I look at a picture and the room pulls me in.  I literally feel a pull towards it.  All of the elements are so in sync that the room has an energy that just pulls. me. in.

Good God this room is amazing.  The color, the curtains, the CONSOLE(!!), the dog picture.  So good. I saw this on Blue Hydrangea today.  It is originally from Lonny.

Something interesting.  On the whole....I am freaking for this room.  When I look at each thing I am hot or cold....I love love the things I mentioned already.   I am not sure I would ever purchase antlers, wreaths (I know I wouldn't purchase a wreath...I have a thing), the white upholstered chair....I'm not sure I even like them....but they work!

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