Monday, June 20, 2011

Made it Monday: Woven Chain Bracelet

What have I been up to?  Small things mostly.  I can't get my butt off the sofa to do much else.  In anticipation of that and the restlessness that would most definitely follow, I stocked up on some jewelry projects.

I have seen these bracelets a few places and they always catch my eye.  Thanks to a few amazing blogs  my frame of mind has been slowly changing from, "I like that. but I can't afford it/I'll buy it."to "I like that.  I'll make it."  Slowly.  I saw this on Honestly...WTF and wondered why it never occurred to me to just make the bracelet...?!  Well, I made one this weekend.

I bought the blue chain on sale at Michaels and attached the oversized lobster clasp and jump ring.

I love how playful it is.  I want to make another with a gold chain and more subdued colors.

This weekend I also tackled my first faux finish paint job.  I tried out a faux tortoise shell finish on a small table we have.  I did not have the patience for such a task.  I might have wasted some time and money.  I am 1/2 done and not satisfied.  But since every step covers the last I still have some time to make it look right.  I seem to be terrible with a softening brush.  Hopefully there will be some before and after pictures of that some day.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow it's because I am having a baby....

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