Monday, June 6, 2011

Made it Monday: Round Table + Skirt

B and his camera  helping with the pictures. 

As if my living room could hold much more color...especially green.  The side table between our two sofas is juuuuuuust too small.  Just enough that I am bothered every time I look at it.  You know that feeling?  "Something is off."  My Mom and I decided a round table with a table skirt would do the trick.  The circle would be a better shape than the current square where our sofas make an L.  The skirt would allow for some colorful textiles!  Instead of buying a new round table Sean cut a 30" table round out of OSB wood and screwed it to an end table that we kept our giant, pre-flat screen TV on.  (see below!)  Once he did that I sewed the table skirt.

What's under the skirt?  That end table the TV is on + OSB table round.

I do NOT recommend trying to make a large round table skirt while you are 8+ months pregnant.  First, I was incredibly limited physically and trying to work with large pieces of fabric was uncomfortable and frustrating.  Second...pregnancy brain.  I minored in math in college....I love math...half of why I love making things is the math in the planning...I can do math!  The source I was using for guidance to make sure I ended up with a round table skirt used formulas (yay!) but one of them was wrong.  Because my pregnancy brain has failed me on other simple math tasks...adding...I was ready to just trust the provided formula despite it making me do a double take while reading it...but it would cut more fabric than I thought it should.  After the frustration of getting around my belly to make a large square piece of fabric I was not psyched to have to start over.  So I worked it out in the most basic checked it...checked it again...checked it one more time...asked Sean..checked it again.  I think he might have started to worry about me at that point.  I can't believe how many times I wavered about doing it my way.  Well, I was right....thankfully.  My skirt is the right length.  Phew.  Craft fail avoided!

B inspecting my work and straightening everything out for the picture.
There is a lot of green going on with this table skirt..against a green wall.  It is between two dark brown sofas but I worry that it's too much.  It also makes me realize I am going to have to edit my pillows a little bit.  I went a little nuts with the sofa pillows in rebellion to the reddish brown and brown that we lived in for months.  As the room comes together the pillows are not required to pull so much of the color weight and I may have to tone them down.

With every move I make in the green walled room direction this lamp
becomes less and less acceptable as the i-just-need-a-light-there-for-now
light.  I think it is time to look for a new table lamp!

B approved.

I always consider my decorating adventures a win when Sean has something positive to say.  He is a man of few words so getting an enthusiastic compliment really means something and that's what I got!  Win.  Oh and don't get me wrong.  Sean doesn't insult or trash my choices ever...he just doesn't usually have much to say about things like table skirts.

One more of B just because I can.

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