Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why has this never crossed my mind?

It makes so much sense that it makes me feel uncreative and boring.  Why not store your sheet sets in the pillow cases?  Talk about looking better and saving time.  I always have to check and double check to make sure I have all the correct sheets and pillow cases together when I pull them out of the dresser they are stored in.  I have white sheets of different brands.  At first I try to just feel which fabrics go together.  If I can't be sure then I have to search for the tags and make sure they are the same brand.  Unfolding, refolding, tangled mess, frustration and then never wanting to change my sheets again....that is the general process.  I will now be storing sheet sets in the pillowcases.  It. just. makes. too. much. sense.

Thank you Martha.

1 comment:

  1. I love this idea. But it would imply that I'm organized enough to actually bring my sheets up from the laundry room... And I'm not! Well, actually, I only have one set of sheets for my bed. Is that worse than leaving sheets in the laundry room?


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