Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wannnnt this rug.

This weekend has been dedicated to getting B's room ready to be home to another baby.  We have slowly been making changes but this weekend we sat down and planned out the entire transformation...including building out his walk in closet.  Until now his closet has been chaotic storage.  Soon it will be an actual closet with shelves, a hanger bar, drawers, and light!  The final decision that had to be made was the rug.  It has been frustrating trying to decide on not only the size but what kind of rug and what color(s).  Also, because I am too pregnant to want to walk around rug stores...I am ordering online.  It feels like I am half blind ordering this rug because who knows what the colors will look like when the rug arrives.

The size was the most frustrating decision because I am not sure enough to decide on my own so I want Sean's input.  He is just as unsure and feels safer going bigger while I feel safer keeping the carpet from going under furniture.  It wasn't a fight but just the most frustrating feeling knowing that neither of us was going to be comfortable with the other's choice because we have nothing we are basing our decisions on other than our personal comfort.  Make sense?  We just couldn't reason with each other because there was little reason to our decisions.

I really want this rug:

The only reason this rug is not on its way to my home is because I decided 4x6 is the size I want and Sean conceded to and this rug comes in 3 x 5 or 5 x 7.5 but NOT 4 x 6.  Boo.  I love the vibe of this rug.

I ended up buying something completely different...something Sean really likes.  He won that round of decision making.  We decided on a white/off white (hopefully more off than on white) shag rug.  Comfy and playful.  Fingers crossed tightly that this rug is awesome when we get it.  

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