Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tour Europe by Bike

I have been planning my post baby #2 life.  Setting some goals.  Planning how I am going to eat, exercise and....sigh....budget.  I think I need a goal to work towards....or a reward for staying on budget.  I have been exploring different options.  What excites me most is possibly a Sean and me only trip.  Budgeting and saving for a trip....that's worth staying on budget.  We will be saving for a good while because I won't leave until baby #2 is at least a year old and she isn't due until June.  That will be plenty of time to develop good habits that might stick this time around.

I discovered this site Ciclismo Classico that organizes bike tours all over the world.  Two birds with one stone, right?  Get in shape for riding across a country by training while we save.  Sa-weet.  Ahh.  Sounds good to me.

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